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Born at the beginning of the 20th Century in artisan Paris, Liberon has built its reputation on the supply of high quality restoration & finishing of wooden furniture & antiques. Their expertise in fine finishes has helped expand their products into new areas & materials including all types of modern flooring (wooden, laminate & stone), garden decking & furniture maintenance & patio ranges. Over time the traditional recipes, derived from natural ingredients have continually evolved to meet technical, performance & aesthetic requirements of today's consumers. Their greater focus on product application, design & technical advice has also been followed to complete the Liberon product range. If you want to enhance & bring out the natural lustre of modern & antiques surfaces ensure you use Liberon - revealing beauty, Liberon products enhance surfaces & enrich the spirit of the home. For more information or a copy of their brochure, please contact our Sales Office or submit an online enquiry.

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