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Moldex 3405 AIR FFP3

Moldex 3405 AIR FFP3

Detailed description

AIR 3405 - Medical & PPE Certification

The uniquely developed Series 3000 AIR from Moldex, offers extremely low breathing resistance & therefore increased performance of both mask & wearer. Moldex 3405 features the Moldex pleated filter technology, which has a filtering surface that is almost 3 times larger than a standard filter product, allowing you to breathe more easily.

In addition to providing respiratory protection for the wearer, these masks prevent particles (droplets) being expelled by the wearer, therefore protecting other people & the envirnoment from contamination.


  • 260% more filter surface area - pleated filter technology.
  • High filtration efficiency of a FFP mask.
  • Low breathing resistance of a surgical mask.
  • High filter capacity - longer usage time.
  • One Size - M/L 
  • Shaped to fit face - no adjustment necessary.

The washable full face seal & pleated filter technology allows you the option of using these 3405 masks for more than one shift. Wipe the face seal clean, leaving the mask hygienic for next use.

Technical specification

Conforms to both the PPE directive EN149:2001 + A1:2009 & the Medical directive EN14683:2005.

  • Boxed in 5's - individually bagged.
  • Resuable.
  • Ventex Valve reduces moisture & heat.
  • Latex Free.
  • PVC Free.
  • Duramesh.
  • ActivForm.
  • Hygiencially Packaged.
  • Nose seal increases fit & comfort.

Suited for

  • Respiratory Protection